◆符合ANS/EIA RS-310-D、 IEC297-2、DIN41491;PART1、DIN41494 ◆ PART7、GB/T3047.2-92标准;兼容ETSI标准。◆材料:SPCC优质冷轧钢板制作;◆防护等级:IP20. ◆承载:静载1460KG。此款服务器机柜是我公司根据客户在实际应用中的反馈,组织专业人员开发出的新一代机柜产品。◆高密度的网孔门、大面积的通风设计既满足了大功率设备的通风散热,又使机柜的外观更加美观,和谐,体现出神州机柜的尊贵。◆内部框架的整体布局完全按照实际需求设计。方便用户更好的根据自身需求对柜内空间进行调整。◆侧门采用上下两段式设计,为客户局部调整内部设备提供方便。◆内部横梁,走线通道,线圈的设计更加方便和人性化。◆本款机柜特有的顶部设计,为内部设备的布线提供足够的通道。◆底部的设计更具稳定性,保证设备安全和稳定运行。
◆ comply with ANS / EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491; PART1, DIN41494 ◆ PART7, GB/T3047.2-92 standards; compatible with ETSI standards. ◆ Material: SPCC quality cold-rolled steel production; ◆ Protection grade: IP20. ◆ load: Static load 1460KG. Cikuan server rack is a company based on customer feedback in real applications, organizing professionals, to develop a new generation of cabinet products. ◆ high-density network Confucian, large areas of ventilation design not only meet the high-power equipment, air cooling, but also to make the cabinet look more beautiful, harmonious, reflecting the distinguished Shenzhou cabinets. ◆ The overall layout of the internal framework in full accordance with the actual needs of the design. User-friendly and better cupboard space according to their demand to be adjusted. ◆ side door and down two-stage design used for the customer to facilitate the partial revision of the internal device. ◆ internal beams, channel alignment, the coil design is more convenient and user friendly. ◆ unique in this paragraph at the top of the cabinet design, for internal wiring of equipment to provide adequate access. ◆ the bottom of the design is more stable, ensuring safe and stable operation of equipment.

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